has been acquired by LightSpeed Gaming

Your Server is moved to LightSpeed Gaming’s Premium Voice Network

Why am I being moved?
LightSpeed Gaming has acquired Your server will need to be moved to LightSpeed Gaming’s Premium Voice Server Hosting Network.
What do I need to do?
Kick back and relax. Between Today and February 8th, 2017, Your server will be moved and your new account information will be emailed to you.
Will my price change?
No. Your price will not change unless you decide to upgrade your service. Lightspeed Gaming offers Music Bots for Teamspeak3 servers and other premium options.
How will I manage my Server?
You will be able to manage your server from the LightSpeed Gaming Control Panel. You will be able to log into the Lightspeed Control Panel at
Will my username and password change?
No. Your username and password will change.
Will my Hostname and port change?
As long as you are using a ProGamerHosting hostname, you will be able to connect as normal. If you are unable to connect please contact Lightspeed Gaming at 
What will happen to my existing server?
All of your users, channels, and server settings will remain the same. 
Will my customer support change?
We pride ourselves in our customer support. We provide online Live Chat Support every day and provide a 24/7 trouble ticket support system.

LightSpeed Gaming Staff

Live Support